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  • Modo Yoga 434 6th Ave #2 New York, NY 10011 USA (map)


MYNYC is teaming up with Ayurvedic nutritionist and cook Noël Graupner to offer Modo yogis a unique opportunity to learn about Yoga's sister science, Ayurveda, and experience a comprehensive 5­ day Ayurvedic Autumn cleanse (also known as Panchakarma) which includes diet, herbal, and movement purification practices aimed to alleviate the body of stored heat which has accumulated throughout the summer.

The cleanse begins with a 2 hour introduction orientation on Sunday, in which participants will be introduced to Ayurvedic theory, receive a kit of tools to use throughout the cleanse, and have the opportunity to sign up for a 30 minute private consultation (included) with Noël. In the week following, there will be a 5­day detox beginning each morning with a class at Modo (incorporating pranayma and meditation), after which all participants will receive a juice and a daily supply of cleansing yet nourishing Ayurvedic kitchari. The result of the Panchakarma cleanse is a restored and rejuvenated digestive and immune system, and a purified mind to move gracefully into the colder months with strength and clarity.

West Village: Intro Workshop on Sunday Oct. 23rd 11am-­1pm, Cleanse Oct. 26­-30th
Williamsburg: Intro Workshop on Sunday Oct. 30th, 11am­-1pm, Cleanse Nov. 2­6th

$300 ­which includes:
* 2 hour Intro to Ayurveda + PK Orientation
* 30 min private consultation + daily check ins
* Ayurvedic Tool­Kit
* 5 Yoga classes with Pranayam + Meditation
* 5 days of 1x serving fresh breakfast juices, made with all­organic ingredients
* 5 days 3x servings of kitchari, made with all organic ingredients

Ayurvedic tool­kit includes:
* a jar of homemade organic ghee
* a pouch of organic triphala powder, and a secondary powder blend (if personally necessary)
* a tisane of cleansing herbs for this seasonal transition
* a bottle of massage oil, (blended oils if necessary)
* a bottle of nasya oil
* cleansing tools: dry brush, tongue scraper, neti pot, jar of thymed salt