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Intro to: Ayurveda, a four-week course

  • Sixth Street Community Center 638 East 6th Street New York, NY, 10009 United States (map)

Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word meaning life knowledge. It is the name of the world's oldest comprehensive health system, one which offers unique insight into creating balance among all realms of wellness - physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual - using tools like diet and plant remedy, daily schedule and lifestyle practices, movement and yoga, meditation, color, and aromatherapy to create harmony between the mind, body, and natural world.

Balance in mind and body is divine, natural order according to Ayurveda. Balance is our true nature and can otherwise be defined as health and happiness. This compact, four session course will cover the Ayurvedic theory of the five elements, used to determine one’s unique mind-body type and constitution which can be understood as one’s true nature. Following will be an explanation of how physiological imbalances develop along with how they can be properly identified, eliminated, and prevented in the future. Lastly, basic diet guidelines for each mind-body type will be discussed.

The goal of this course is to familiarize students with the principles of Ayurveda that teach how, through diet, lifestyle, and other methods, individuals can move towards a place of balance, of health and happiness. Each class will be a combination of lecture and group discussion. Handouts will be given and taking notes will be encouraged. Light assignments may be given between classes. Classes are two hours length and will begin promptly at 7:15. Tea will be served.

Class 1, November 7: History of Ayurveda + Modern Application
Class 2, November 14: The 5 elements + 3 Doshas
Class 3, November 21: The Ayurvedic Clock : Dinacharya + Ritucharya
Class 4, November 28: Diet for your Dosha + 6 Tastes

*Proceeds to benefit the Sixth Street Community Center. 
*Please register on Eventbrite in advance- the course is designed to build week to week, so registration is only available for all 4 classes! 

Earlier Event: November 12
Later Event: November 21
Intro to: Ayurveda, a four-week course