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  • Maha Rose Center for Healing 97 Green St G3 Brooklyn, NY 11222 (map)

Mudra is a Sanskrit word meaning 'gesture' or 'seal'; mudras are symbolic hand gestures found in the art and rituals of the sacred traditions of Buddism, Yog (Hatha Yoga) and Hinduism. These gestures are said to be the outer expression of an enlightened inner state. While mudras are generally associated with the position of the hands, they involve the whole body, and are often integrated into the asanas of yoga practice and meditation.

During these practices, postures open and align energetic channels to allow prana (energy) to move and flow freely within the body; mudras are used to seal this prana within the body, allowing it to build. As this energy collects within us, we can control it's movement and cultivate different states of mind, improve overall natural energy, foster patience, courage, and connect with our innate intuition. 

Though the most common mudras are the ones performed as part of formal yogic practice, because they are made using your hands + body they are portable and readily available and can be used at anytime through out the day!! During this class we will learn simple mudras to help you become calmer, more relaxed, and to improve your focus + concentration. We will also learn a series of mudras to open each chakra.  

$20 early bird | $25 day of