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Dinacharya: Ayurvedic Daily Rituals for Healthy Body + Happy Mind at Sixth Street Community Center

  • Sixth Street Community Center 638 E 6th Street New York, NY 10009 USA (map)

Ayurveda teaches that to maintain a healthy life free from disease, we must follow a daily routine or daily flow of ritual conduct. The Ayurvedic Rishis, the insightful sages who defined the Vedic Sciences, considered a daily routine to be a stronger healing force than any other medicine.

The art and science of Dinacharya offers an outline of rituals to align our internal circadian rhythm with the natural cycles of nature. These rituals provide a scaffolding for the day. In this class, you will learn a number of techniques and tools to incorporate into your morning routine that improve detoxification of the body and others to use during the evening that nourish the body and settle the mind before rest. You will learn best times of the day to exercise, eat, and work. Learning and applying the components of dinyacharya will help you stay in balance wherever you are, prevent disease, and treat almost any disease. All participants will leave with a gift to help start the day well!


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