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Why + How to Spring Cleanse with Āyurveda

  • Tibet House 22 West 15th Street New York, NY 10011 (map)

Āyurveda is a Sanskrit word meaning “life knowledge.” It is the name of the world’s oldest holistic health system, which offers unique insight into creating balance among all facets of wellness — physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual — using tools such as diet, plant remedies, daily schedule and lifestyle practices, movement and yoga, meditation, breath work, color, and aromatherapy to establish harmony between body, mind, and the natural world.

Āyurveda recommends a cleanse to accompany a change in season, to clear + open physiological and psychological channels in the body and mind. Spring is an especially important time of the year when nature re-awakes from the long, heavy winter and provides us with all the food- and herb-tools we need to rid the body of excess fats and heavy proteins which keep toxins (environmental, emotional) bound in bodily tissues. A Spring cleanse helps the body to identify stored fat tissue as useable energy, retraining and firing up digestive capacity within the GI tract, bodily tissues, and the mind.

Accumulated and stored toxins are brought to the surface of tissues and gently escorted out through elimination channels. The result of the Spring Cleanse are empowered digestive and immune systems as well as a purified mind to transition gracefully and energetically from the heavy, dulled winter into the light, auspicious Springtime.

During this evening workshop, you will learn not only why it is important to support the internal organs and the sense organs with a cleanse, but how to do it yourself at home with a step-by-step guide including information on practical daily routines, supportive herbs and teas, as well as a discussion of the mono-diet of kitchari – a blend of split moong beans, basmati rice and digestive spices that is satisfying to the palate and detoxifying for your entire organism.

*This class is a great introduction to the Ayurvedic Spring Cleanse Retreat at Menla, May 23-27.

Wednesday, May 15; 7-9PM   |   General $25 / Members $22.50