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Intro to: Ayurveda Intensive Workshop

  • Maha Rose Center for Healing 97 Green Street, #G3 Brooklyn, New York 11222 USA (map)

Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word meaning life knowledge. It is the name of the world's oldest comprehensive health system, one which offers unique insight into creating balance among all realms of wellness - physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual - using tools like diet and plant remedy, daily schedule and lifestyle practices, movement and yoga, meditation, color, and aromatherapy to create harmony between the mind, body, and natural world. 

Balance in mind and body is divine, natural order according to Ayurveda. Balance is our true nature and can otherwise be defined as health and happiness. This compact, intensive workshop will include discussion of:

    The roots of Vedic philosophy through an explanation of the Sankhya theory
    The three Gunas // Universal Properties
    Panchamahabhuta // The Five Basic Elements of Creation
    The biological system of the three Doshas // Vata, Pitta and Kapha
    Prakruti // Individual Constitution
    Vikruti // Constitutional Disorder state of Imbalance
    Manas // The mind
    Diet // The Six Tastes and Process of Digestion
    Dinacharya // Daily Routine

The goal of this course is to familiarize students with the principles of Ayurveda that teach how, through diet, lifestyle, and other methods, individuals can move towards a place of balance, of health and happiness. Handouts will be given and note taking is encouraged!

There will be an hour break from 1-2PM, with a vegan lunch and tea being served for an additional $15. Please notify ahead of time if you are interested in purchasing this; only enough will be prepared for those who request it. Otherwise please bring a prepared lunch or plan to get something to eat in the neighborhood. 

$225 early bird, $250 day-of
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