My relationship with food began at the ground level. An avid gardener turned farmer, I earned a BS in Horticulture and Agriculture from the University of Connecticut in 2010. Bountiful harvests called for bountiful feasts; I turned my attention to the kitchen, experimenting with fresh seasonal produce grown and foraged. Through plant-based cooking, I developed a passion for health and wellness which prompted further study of food, this time integrative nutrition as well as Ayurveda.

Now, I infuse my culinary creations with a blended knowledge of food systems, the environment, and nutrition, designing daily, weekly and monthly meal plans with dishes that nourish the body with seasonal, local, whole foods. 

Check the calendar for upcoming cooking classes, dinner parties and food-related events, or reach out in the form below for a quote on a private cooking class, brunch, high-tea, or dinner party. 

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