I, Noël Graupner, am an Ayurvedic Nutritionist and cook twice Board Certified with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners for Ayurvedic Holistic Nutrition and Holistic Health Counseling. Trained by Dr. Arun Sharma in Dharamshala, India, and Dr. Naina Marballi in New York city in ancient Ayurvedic tradition, as well as the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in more than one hundred dietary theories, I use a variety of practical lifestyle counseling methods to work with individuals and groups who desire to improve, restore, and maintain their vital health.

I help my clients get excited about the relationship between food, environment, and health through private counseling, workshops, seminars and private cooking. All conversations are education based, with the intention of sharing Ayurvedic theory to create awareness around decision making.

Wellness is really in vogue at the moment; there is an infinite amount of information available, and much of it conflicting - should you be vegan? or Paleo? Gluten-free? Intermittent fasting? To yoga or to kick-box? Which bits and pieces of information do you choose? And at which times do you incorporate them? Which calls to action work for which people best? Why?

Ayurveda’s timeless wisdom offers us a ‘users manual’ for how to get the most out of life. It offers a simple approach, without being simplistic. These are not teachings that should be reserved for the mystically inclined. They should be taught in our schools, in our homes and passed on through the generations. They do not belong to any religion, country or race. They are universal and resonate to the very core of the human being. It is entirely my pleasure to share the Vedic sciences in a way that makes their wisdom practical for anyone to incorporate into their lifestyle. 

The key to wholesome living and well-being is entirely in your hands.
You alone can take responsibility and control of your physical and emotional health.
Let me show you how.