Ayurveda really shines in its ability to distill a host of complex inputs and circumstances (including the maladies of imbalance or disease) into an elegantly simple collection of qualitative patterns.

The same process of identifying building blocks and qualities within your individual system can be applied to everything outside of you; what are the qualities of the things you are engaging with every day both consciously and unconsciously? You are receiving information in the form of qualities on a moment to moment basis through each and every one of your senses. How are the qualities of these inputs acting on you physically and mentally?  

Consider each bit of information you receive as an input which leaves an imprint on your system, physiologically and psychologically. What are the qualities of the ingredients of your food? What are the qualities of your physical environment? What are the qualities of the constituents of your home? i.e. Does this input make you feel sluggish, weighed down? Does this input make you feel airy + spacey? Does this input help you to feel calm, satisfied?

Being able to identify qualities in all inputs will help to illuminate a clear path to creating a strategy for your decision making on what to include in your diet and lifestyle in an effort to decrease mental, emotions, and physical stress, thus enhancing immunity, building natural energy, improving your quality of life by maintaining health. One of the most outstanding aspects of Ayurveda is its teaching that nothing is absolute. The utility, value, and effect of anything is relative. Hence, the efficacy of it’s healing is dependent on the receiver, the time and the environment. It is this profound understanding that makes Ayurveda a complete science.

Learning this science is incredibly empowering, because once you do, you understand how things work, and therefore you can be a better decision maker. You understand the relationship between inputs and you, so you can use the scaffolding of Ayurveda to create a strategy around your decision processes of what inputs to include in your life. You become the driver of your life, directly managing the health and vitality of your physical container, which is the main vehicle for your mind, meaning that you are also directly responsible for managing and cultivating the state of mind of your choosing. How do you want to feel? Ayurveda helps you to create a strategy to achieve the state of being you desire.

The more you practice, the more you see that actually Ayurveda is a science of common sense. It comes quite naturally. And you’ll see, too, if you begin incorporating the ideas of Ayurveda, that your life becomes easier, simpler, its like turning a boat you’ve been paddling upstream around, so you can move with the current of life instead of against it, life itself becomes fluid.